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No Shave Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant without hair cutting ?

So many patients change their mind set up a hair transplant surgery when they know that it is a must to have their hair cut, running away from showing yourself to people with completely hair-cut-head during the hair transplanting is so normal, many methods are applied in plastic and reconstructive surgery to get rid off hair cutting procedure, the goal was to produce a comfortable feeling during hair transplantation as well as speed up the healing process after the treatment, to get more natural hair outlook and be confident enough at work and social life and go back to life as soon as possible.

many years ago it was conventional to shave the whole head before you set up a hair transplant procedure, either harvesting the whole hair or one by one, walking in the street with a half hair cut is not easy to accept according to some patients, got their hair transplanted, so many patients decide not to continue hair transplant surgery during harvesting hair from the donor area because of hair cutting, we can say; “No shave hair transplantation” is a new technique to get rid off this problem and make the operator and the patient so content.

How to do hair transplant without shaving hair?

Patients headed to set up a “no shave hair transplant surgery” should stretch their hair a little before the surgery, in this procedure we harvest the grafts from the donor area disguising the holes with the old hair ones, at first we determine the area at the back of the head to take the healthy and powerful hair follicles and put them in a special process to refresh them before transplanting them to the thinning area, so the hair will get more natural outlook.

In FUE Hair Transplantation technique, we almost transplant 7000 grafts (small group of one to four hairs). In FUE technique by means of the equipments used, we get a better transplanted grafts to grow, pens with gold point and Micromotor devices, used in plastic surgery department and at thge same time in hair restoration surgeries are developing day by day more and more.

The hair transplantation differentiate according to grafts number, the physician who is going to do the surgery and the equipments are going to be use during the surgery

It is not similar to normal FUE hair transplantation procedure, so it may be more tiresome, that is why the “no shave hair transplant surgery’s” fees according to another hair transplant surgery techniques “with hair cutting process” is more expensive.

But it is more suitable and satisfiable to those who do not want to have their hair cut during surgery and had postponed it till now.


Go back to activity much more quickly.
More rapid healing at the donor area.
For ladies and gentlemen who does not want to have their hair shaved,FUE is the best.
For people who had FUT hair transplant surgery, FUE now is available not leaving any scars.

FHU Hair Transplantation

FUE hair transplantation is a common aesthetic surgery for the permanent solution of baldness. It’s a surgery that almost every aesthetic surgeon does. However its success rate is not high everywhere. Unfortunately most of the hair transplantation clinics and hair transplant specialist don’t follow the improvements of the technology.

Anyone who has the hair transplant device says that they can do hair transplant. At this point it’s up to you. Hair transplantation is a serious surgery that can’t be reversed and hard to do the revision surgery. You must do your research and make right choices. Well, what should you look in a hair transplant clinic and har transplant specialist?

FUE Hair Transplant Design
and Front Hair Line

Your hair design and your front hair line must be designed carefully by hair transplant specialist. You need to know how will be your front hair line projections and recesses, how your hair density will increase.

You can choose your hair transplantation clinic and hair transplant specialist by getting detailed information about hair design and seeing the examples.

Correct Determination Of
Hair Grafts Angles

There are 2 different techniques in hair transplantation. One of them is FUT, the other one is FUE technique. Fut technique is accepted the traditional technique and it’s not preffered today. Comparing to FUT technique, FUE technique is more preffered because of its advantages.

FUE hair transplantation is done by implanting the hair grafts from back of your head which immune to hormones, to the bald area of the scalp. Taken grafts must be grouped by the lenghts and directions. During this process it’s important nat to harm the grafts in any way.

After grouping hair grafts, opening holes for the grafts start where the baldness is. Grafts are implanted one by one to these holes cafrefully. The most important part of the transplantation is this part. Successful surgeon can get natural results. However, to achieve that hair frontline, density of the hair and the angle of the hair must be made correctly.

The Reason Of Taking Grafts
From Back Of The Head

Hair from back of the head is resistant to testosterone. That’s because grafts are taken from back the head. If there is not enough hair because of any other reason, body hair can be taken to transplant.

The most important feature of hair transplantation by DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is not to require any stitches, scars and cuts. The purpose of this technique is to ensure the grafts to be stronger by minimizing the period during which the grafts harvested from the back side of the head for transplantation are outside.

For the grafts harvested from the donor area for transplantation, no hole is opened in the recipient areas and the grafts are directly transplanted with the special needles used.

The fact that no hole is opened in the recipient area multiplies the number of the grafts to be transplanted and enables more intensive transplantation. This technique is more troublesome and longer than the conventional FUE technique, but also makes the recovery period faster thanks to the lack of cutting.

DHI Hair Transplantation

Dhi technique is applicable only in a few hair transplantation clinic in the world. Dhi technique is a special and new technique which is done with FUE technique.

How Is
Dhi Hair Transplantation done?

In classic FUE technique, grafts/ hair follicles are classified all together. Taken grafts are put in a restoration process before the transplantation by the surgeon and put in the holes that cut for the hair follicles.

On the other hand, dhi technique can be considered as a techinque that transplation is done one by one. Unlike the strip cut technique, there is no cut in dhi technique. With the help of little needles, little round holes are made to implant the hair follicles compatible with the hair angle. Thanks to the little needles hair grafts can be implanted with more density.


The main advantage of this technique is its density. It’s the twice of the strip cut with 40-60 grafts in one centimeter square. This density provides great results on the bald area.

This technique provides hair transplant with different angles compatible with the natural hair growing angles, gives more natural results especially when it’s applied to sensitive areas like hairline.

With little needles which is used in dhi technique, reduces the scar risk to the minimum.

Dhi is a very sensitive technique that the team in hair transplatation clinic must be professional and experienced.

Hair transplant with dhi technique gives the best hair design results. Dhi technique is the closest to the natural, has minimum risk of scar, has more hair density and has less healing process.

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